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How to organise a great day out at the beach

What to take with you to the beach

Depending on the beach, you might have quite a trek from the car to the beach, so don’t over-pack. Obviously, you’ll need towels and suncsreen, and you might want to take a packed lunch and a flask full of cold juice as well. Sometimes, there is nothing better than having a barbeque on the beach, but check that you are allowed to have them on the beach you intend to visit before bringing one. Remember, don’t bury the barbeque when you are done as this litters the beach, as well as being a hazard.

Stay safe in the sun

Always ensure you avoid direct exposure to the sun, particularly in the midday sun. Sunburn can ruin any holiday, so wear light, airy clothing and the strongest sunscreen you can find. Remember the slogan:

SLIP on a T-shirt
SLAP on a hat
SLOP on some sunscreen

Inflatable safety

Inflatables such as air-filled sun loungers are meant to be used in a swimming pool as the tides of the sea can easily sweep them out – along with you on board! If you insist on bringing them to the beach, then make sure you have plenty of people with you, and you strictly adhere to the safety rules of the beach.

How to pick the right beach for you

Most people are looking for a clean beach with easy transport links and good parking. Showering and refreshment facilities are also usually high on people's beach wish-list. However, it's vital that you bear in mind a few less obvious, but no less important considerations, such as other water users – for example powerboaters and marine life that comes close to shore, for example piranhas or weeverfish. But the most important thing to remember is that if you're planning to mess about in the water, make sure that the beach you are visiting has a lifeguard present.

Once you've established which beach you're headed for, take a look at the Thomas Cook website for some good deals on holidays.